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Tackling Parenting Questions

Parenting is a challenging task and parenting in modern times is more complex than ever before. Modern life poses seemingly impossible challenges to new parents who, caught between lifestyle choices and endless options for baby products, feel constantly under stress while making everyday choices for their babies. The Wunders Company exists to provide simple, logical answers to the most important parenting questions.

Wunders is an obvious take on the word “wonder” and it we have chosen it for the various connotations that “wonder” has in the English language. All the synonyms of “wonder” reflect how a child feels when faced with a new experience. In a child’s early development years every activity can be considered an experience (think of eating something for the first time, successfully going to the potty, falling asleep with a favorite toy, waking up at the sound of a beautiful lullaby, etc. etc.) and The Wunders Company wants to be a part of this wonderment that is so essential in the development of any child.

There is another, essential consideration in the logic of Wunders: parents and new parents in particular, always “wonder” how to solve a problem: How do I teach my baby to fall and stay asleep? How do I train my toddler to use a potty instead of a diaper? How do I safely bathe my baby? Etc.

For the parents we will provide the answers to those questions, with a promise of simplicity and safety. Removing complexity and helping to “ritualize” moments small and large to enhance time spent with little ones.